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EV rebates up to $9,000 in B.C., plus other updates

This story was updated in January 2023 based on a change to the CleanBC program.

Electric vehicle incentives, illustration
Thinking about saying goodbye to your gas-guzzler? With up to $9,000 in rebates and an income-based eligibility structure, buying a new EV is more affordable than ever.

B.C. increases new EV rebate, based on income

Drivers in B.C. who need the most help in buying an electric vehicle just got some welcome news as B.C.'s CleanBC rebate maximum is increased to $4,000 as part of a new income-based formula for the program. In combination with the federal rebate of $5,000, British Columbians can now get up to $9,000 back on the purchase of a new EV.

Here's how the new-look rebate program breaks down:

  • For those with individual incomes of up to $80,000, the provincial rebate is $4,000 for a battery electric vehicle, and $2,000 for a plug-in hybrid (PHEV)
  • Those with incomes between $80,001 and $90,000 get rebates of $2,000 (battery electric) or $1,000 (PHEV)
  • Drivers with incomes of $90,001 to $100,000 get rebates of $1,000 (battery electric) and $500 (PHEV).

"More and more people in British Columbia want to get an electric vehicle to save money on gas and reduce their carbon footprint," said Bruce Ralston, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation, in a BC Government news release on August 2. "We're improving our rebate program to make EVs more affordable and accessible for more families."

The government says that, based on 2020 tax returns, 90% of British Columbians would be eligible for some form of new-EV rebate. Only those with individual incomes of over $100,000 would be ineligible for a rebate.

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2022 Chrysler Pacifica Pinnacle Hybrid
CleanBC's new vehicle rebate program now includes rebates for fully electric SUVs, minivans and pickup trucks with a retail price up to $70,000. The Chrysler Pacific plug-in hybrid pictured here would qualify for rebates up to $2,000 (in addition to the federal $5,000 rebate), depending on the buyer's income level.

Program expands to include SUVs, minivans, and pickups

The CleanBC program is also expanding the types of electric vehicles eligible for rebates. The price cap to determine eligibility for vehicle rebates remains at a maximum of $55,000 for compact and full-size cars. However, a second category has been added to help families and businesses looking for SUVs, minivans, and pickup trucks. The cap for qualifying larger vehicles has been set at a maximum retail price of $70,000.

See the full list or search for qualifying makes/models.

No PST for used EVs and PHEVs in B.C.

B.C. has also made used electric vehicles exempt from provincial sales tax, creating the opportunity to get quality lower-priced EVs and hybrid plug-ins at a time when the availability of used EVs is growing.

Effective February 23, 2022, qualifying used ZEV (zero emission vehicles) are exempt from PST. This includes fully electric vehicles, hybrid plug-in vehicles, and hydrogen-powered vehicles sold by dealerships and by private sellers.

As of August 8, 2022, one major used vehicle site was listing 850 used electric vehicles available in B.C. Models ranged from Canada's biggest-selling EV, the Tesla Model 3, to Chevy Bolts, BMWs (X5 40e, 530e, i3), the Chrysler Pacifica hybrid, and the Nissan Leaf. to be eligible for the rebate, a vehicle must have been driven a minimum of 6,000 km.

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Rebates of up to $350 for Level 2 home chargers

The CleanBC Go Electric home charger rebate for single-family homes offers a 50% rebate, up to $350, for the purchase an installation of an eligible Level 2 charger.

Additional EV Ready rebates for stratas and apartments, ranging from planning and electrical infrastructure to purchase/installation of the chargers, are also available.

Workplaces can get a rebate of up to $2,000 per charger to purchase and install eligible Level 2 networked EV chargers for employee use, to a maximum of $14,000.

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BC Hydro fast charging stations at 70 and growing

The BC Hydro EV network currently has over 70 fast charging stations across B.C., in cities large and small, and along most major highways in the province. For most EVs, plugging into a 50kW fast charging station will get you from 30% to 80% in 40 minutes or less.

We operate mainly 50kW DC fast chargers, but you'll also find some 25kW "mini" fast chargers and Level 2 chargers at select stations. Most stations currently have a single DC fast charger but as usage grows, we're upgrading stations with a second fast charger.

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