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Team Power Smart virtual trivia night a work in progress

Image of Dave eating popcorn by a roaring fire
Popcorn in hand, BC Hydro's Dave introduced Team Power Smart members from Hope on the team's first-ever virtual trivia night.

Watch for trivia nights in 2021 after December test run in Hope

Trivia contestants matched wits and two combatants won nice prizes – gift cards to local businesses – in a trial run of a Team Power Smart virtual trivia contest in September. And Team Power Smart has plans to do it all again, bigger and better the next time around.

"The really positive thing is that those who joined us for the quiz seemed have a lot of fun with it," says BC Hydro community marketing specialist Kathryn MacDonald, who coordinated the December 5 event for Team Power Smart members living in Hope. "So that was really great for us. The prizes were also a big bonus. The grand prize winner got $500 worth of gift cards to local businesses, and a randomly drawn winner got $250 in gift cards."

The big lesson from that first virtual trivia contest? The more the merrier.

"In-person events were something we couldn't do with COVID-19, so we tested out this virtual quiz with members in Hope using the Kahoot platform and Zoom as a fun way to engage the members," said Team Power Smart program manager Arien Korteland. "Our community team hosted the event, and we intend to hold more of these events in 2021. We hope to offer many more Team Power Smart members the opportunity to participate in a fun virtual event."

What was it like? Here's a taste of that first trivia night

BC Hydro's Dave stepped up to deliver questions around energy savings in videos that were run throughout the trivia night. Questions tested the Power Smarts of Team Power Smart members, and not surprisingly, they were up to the challenge.

Sample trivia question from YouTube.