WKTP: Why it's important


A number of factors add up to a need for a second transmission line

About 22,000 customers are served by the Westbank Substation and a single 138 kilovolt transmission line. The existing transmission line is 80 kilometres long and runs through rugged, remote terrain susceptible to forest fires and landslides.

We've prioritized the West Kelowna area as needing a redundant supply of power because of:

  • The large number of customers served by a single transmission line.
  • The challenge of restoring power on the existing transmission line resulting from its 80-kilometre length, remote location, and rough terrain.
  • The risk of destructive forces like forest fires and landslides.

In the meantime, we'll continue to monitor and manage any risks to the existing transmission line.

What's redundant supply?

Redundant supply means there is more than one source (for example, a transmission Iine) providing power to the community or "back-up" power. That way, if one source is taken out of service, the other can still supply the community with electricity.