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Grants for community groups

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Funding for non-profit organizations and registered charities

By supplying electricity to the people and businesses of this province, we provide an essential and important service. But we also believe in doing more than that.

We accept funding applications for eligible organizations to develop new or expand existing programs that align with one or more of our three focus areas.

Two types of grants available

We’re offering two types of grants to support non-profit organizations and registered charities that are making a difference in their communities.

Broad Impact Grants

We provide funding up to $10,000 for organizations to either expand an existing program or to develop a new program across multiple communities in B.C.

Grassroots Grants

We provide funding up to $2,000 to develop new or enhance existing, community-based programs in B.C.

How it works

To qualify for a community grant, your program or initiative needs to align with one of our three focus areas below:

Building the STEM workforce of tomorrow

We support organizations with programs that focus on youth education in the areas of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) and trades training. Our goal is to help foster a more highly qualified workforce for B.C.’s future. Projects or programs with a particular focus on Indigenous communities are at the top of our list.

Safety education

We support organizations with programs that focus on public safety. Projects or programs that promote electrical safety, water safety, and emergency preparedness are at the top of our list.

Developing a clean and sustainable future

We support organizations with programs that will lead to a more sustainable future. Projects or programs that increase awareness and take steps towards environmental conservation, energy-efficiency, and reducing carbon emissions are at the top of our list.

When planning for your project, please review all program requirements to ensure your application is eligible. Please note that the qualification to apply for funding does not guarantee funding support.

  • Be a Canadian non-profit or registered Canadian charitable organization. If you are a Canadian charity, your Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) registered charitable number must be provided.
  • Direct the funding to a specific program or initiative that aligns with one or more of our three focus areas.
  • Be financially stable, have effective management and enough employees or volunteers to execute the program successfully.
  • Eligible initiatives must take place from May 1, 2025, to April 30, 2026.

The following organizations and/or activities are ineligible to receive funding:

  • Organizations with no operating base in B.C.
  • Health and social service organizations (unless the program aligns with focus areas)
  • Political parties or candidates, advocacy, or special interest groups
  • Sports teams, tournaments, or sports equipment
  • School equipment
  • Scholarships, bursaries, and endowments
  • Research and feasibility studies
  • Organizations or projects devoted to political or religious causes
  • Capital campaigns, infrastructure upgrades or maintenance
  • 100% of any project costs
  • Salaries, wages, or stipends
  • Operating costs: e.g., heating, lighting, rent
  • Expenses incurred prior to the application date
  • Event sponsorships: e.g., charity events, galas, golf tournaments, event tickets, celebrations, and festivals (unless aligned with focus areas)
  • Fundraising events: e.g., school fundraisers, individual or third-party fundraising, special equipment
  • Advertising costs; underwriting TV, film, or video
  • Individuals and individual pursuits
  • Travel costs including accommodations, meals, or transportation
  • In-kind donations of prizing, giveaways, or gift baskets
  • In-kind requests for BC Hydro services, materials or equipment including, but not exhaustive:
    • Electrical connections, deferred or free electricity 
    • Fleet vehicles
    • Used computers
    • Poles
    • Scrap metal

How to apply

Our next intake for applications is February 1 to March 31, 2025.

To get started with your application, follow the three steps below:

Step 1 – Select a focus area

Choose the focus area for your program: Building the STEM workforce of tomorrow, safety education, or developing a clean and sustainable future.

Step 2 – Review eligibility criteria

Please review all eligibility requirements before submitting your application.

Step 3 – Apply online

The deadline for applications closed March 31, 2024. Our next intake for applications is February 1, 2025 to March 31, 2025.

We review applications from April to May after the intake period is complete. Applications will be notified of grant decision by email approximately eight weeks after the application intake period ends.

Contact us

If you have questions about the Grassroots Grant, please reach out to the community relations manager in your region [PDF, 124 KB]. For questions about the Broad Impact Grant, please email us.