Jessica McDonald

President & CEO

As President and CEO of BC Hydro Jessica leads BC's largest Crown corporation, a clean energy utility generating 98% renewable and clean electricity, transmitting and distributing to 4 million customers, with $5.5 billion in annual revenues. BC Hydro is currently investing in an unprecedented capital program of refurbishment and expansion of its electricity assets, spending approximately $2 billion per year over the next 20 years, including the development of the $8.3 billion Site C hydropower project.

As part of a new focus on customer service and employee engagement, Jessica led a brand, vision and values refresh at BC Hydro resulting in the company being named #1 most influential brand in BC in 2016, with the company also being named Canada's #1 employer in 2016.

Prior experience includes commercial mediation and negotiation on major infrastructure and industrial projects in BC, Deputy Minister in the BC government for 6 years as well as many other posts in the government under numerous administrations beginning in 1991. From 2005 to 2009 she held the most senior public service position in the provincial government as Deputy Minister to the Premier, Cabinet Secretary and Head of the BC Public Service, responsible for oversight of all aspects of government operations. During her term, she led landmark discussions including negotiation of the "New Relationship" between government and First Nations in British Columbia. As Head of the BC Public Service, Jessica initiated a bold human resources renewal program, achieving a 10-point increase in employee engagement with positive gains sustained over multiple years including economic downturn.

Follow Jessica on Twitter at @bchydroceo.