Janet Fraser

Executive Vice-President, People, Customer, 
Corporate Affairs  

Janet Fraser is BC Hydro's Executive Vice President, People, Customer, Corporate Affairs. She first joined the Executive Team as the Senior Vice President, Energy, Regulatory & Business Planning in April 2015 and since then added Communications, Human Resources and Customer Service functions to her portfolio. She also previously served as the company's Chief Regulatory Officer.

Janet leads the team responsible for economic and business development, conservation and energy management, regulatory, policy, communications, human resources and customer service. Seeing the value in collaboration and unified direction, she is focused on working with her entire team to ensure the company is planning and driving towards the same goals.

Prior to joining BC Hydro, Janet spent seven years with the British Columbia Transmission Corporation in a number of senior leadership roles. In addition, she held a variety of roles in the resource sector at Westcoast Energy and Fletcher Challenge.

Born and raised in British Columbia, Janet is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) by profession.