Water Licence Renewal

To use water to generate electricity, we need a water licence under the Water Sustainability Act. If our facilities use Crown Land, we also need a permit over Crown Land. We have three licences that expire in 2018 and four licences and one associated permit over Crown Land that expire in 2019:

  • Alouette – One licence for water diversion expires in December 2018.
  • La Joie and Bridge – Four licences, two for water storage and two for water diversion, and one permit over Crown Land expire in April 2019.
  • Shuswap Falls – Two licences, one for water storage and one for water diversion, expire in December 2018.

As the application process can be lengthy, we're starting the renewal process for all licences that have to be renewed. We are also applying to renew FWL126080, a water diversion licence, which expires in 2051 so that all Carpenter Reservoir to Bridge 1 powerhouse diversion licences have the same expiry date.

We're not asking for changes to any of the following as part of the licence renewals:

  • The volume of water allocated by the province under the existing licences.
  • Our existing operations, as per the Water Use Plan Order and our existing water licence.
  • Our existing footprint.

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Other programs

We have a number of ongoing programs operating in the systems where we'll be renewing water licences and associated permits.

For more information

If you have questions or comments, please contact us at wlrenew@bchydro.com or 1 866 647 3334.