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Energy management programs and funding for business customers

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Connect customers with our programs and support

Tracking, measuring and optimizing energy usage while maximizing cost-savings is becoming an increasingly important priority for businesses. But the cost of materials, equipment and labour can get in the way of implementing sustainable solutions.

Three ways Alliance members help customers

As an Alliance member, there are three main ways you can help improve business energy management practices for your customers:

  1. By informing them of the BC Hydro programs and incentives available to help offset the costs of a project.
  2. By helping them identify ways to save energy through consultations or energy studies.
  3. By performing or managing the installation of energy-efficient equipment.

Educate your customers about our programs

Our incentive programs are designed to support businesses of every size and sector, from small retail organizations to medium sized hospitality firms to industrial facilities.

Energy-saving incentives for business customers

Our Business energy-saving incentives (BESI) program provides funding for energy-efficient upgrades at stratas and commercial and industrial businesses. As an Alliance member, you can plan, source, and install eligible equipment upgrades to help your customers save.

BESI program info for Alliance members

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All programs

Read up about our other programs to help educate your customers about more ways to improve their energy management. Opportunities include:

  • Energy studies and audits
  • Project incentives for industrial and large commercial facilities
  • Self-serve incentive program
  • Demand-response for business

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