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Walter Hardman Water Use Planning

  • Project initiated September 2003 and completed February 2004.
  • The Walter Hardman Monitoring Program Synthesis Report [PDF, 4.6 MB] provides a summary of the studies undertaken for each Order.
  • Consultative Committee [PDF, 3.4 MB] Report and draft Water Use Plan submitted to the Comptroller of Water Rights in August 2004.
  • Executive summary [PDF, 121 KB] of Consultative Committee Report provides an overview of the water use planning process and outcomes.
  • Water Use Plan [PDF, 745 KB] accepted by the Comptroller of Water Rights and implemented in March 2006.

Annual Report

Projects Studies Terms of Reference
WHNMON-1 Lower Cranberry Creek Kokanee Spawning and Incubation Habitat Monitoring
WHNMON-2 Lower Cranberry Creek Rainbow Trout Rearing Habitat Monitoring
WHNMON-3 Walter Hardman Headpond Drawdown Impacts (Fish) Monitoring
WHNMON-4 Lower Cranberry Creek Temperature Effects Monitoring
WHNMON-5 Lower Cranberry Creek Rainbow Trout Abundance/Biology Monitoring
WHNMON-6 Walter Hardman Generating Station Tailrace Habitat Monitoring
WHNWORKS-1 Walter Hardman Diversion Dam Minimum Flow Release Facility Capital
WHNWORKS-2 Cranberry Creek Annual Gravel Placement Program