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Walter Hardman Water Use Planning

What’s new

BC Hydro has begun engagement with local First Nations, regulators, key stakeholders and the public as part of the Walter Hardman Water Use Plan Order Review.

On September 22, we held a virtual public information session. You can download the presentation here [PDF, 656 KB].

The Walter Hardman Water Use Plan has been in place since 2004. Water Use Planning helps us balance our operational needs with other water use interests in the areas we operate across the province. The Water Use Plan Order Review is the last step of implementing the provincial Water Use Planning guidelines. It will determine whether the ordered water management constraints on BC Hydro’s operations are achieving the environmental and social objectives. 

  • Project initiated September 2003 and completed February 2004.
  • The Walter Hardman Monitoring Program Synthesis Report [PDF, 4.6 MB] provides a summary of the studies undertaken for each Order.
  • Consultative Committee [PDF, 3.4 MB] Report and draft Water Use Plan submitted to the Comptroller of Water Rights in August 2004.
  • Executive summary [PDF, 121 KB] of Consultative Committee Report provides an overview of the water use planning process and outcomes.
  • Water Use Plan [PDF, 745 KB] accepted by the Comptroller of Water Rights and implemented in March 2006.


Throughout the WUPOR process there will be a number of opportunities to review information and provide feedback. Activities will include open houses and one-on-one meetings as needed. These events will help us work through the Order Review process over the coming months. BC Hydro plans to submit the Water Use Plan Order Review report to the Comptroller of Water Rights in early 2023.

We invite you to provide any comments or questions on the Walter Hardman Water Use Plan to

Annual Report

Projects Studies Terms of Reference
WHNMON-1 Lower Cranberry Creek Kokanee Spawning and Incubation Habitat Monitoring
WHNMON-2 Lower Cranberry Creek Rainbow Trout Rearing Habitat Monitoring
WHNMON-3 Walter Hardman Headpond Drawdown Impacts (Fish) Monitoring
WHNMON-4 Lower Cranberry Creek Temperature Effects Monitoring
WHNMON-5 Lower Cranberry Creek Rainbow Trout Abundance/Biology Monitoring
WHNMON-6 Walter Hardman Generating Station Tailrace Habitat Monitoring
WHNWORKS-1 Walter Hardman Diversion Dam Minimum Flow Release Facility Capital
WHNWORKS-2 Cranberry Creek Annual Gravel Placement Program