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Protect your electronics


Safeguard your electrical devices by planning ahead

Modern electronic equipment is sensitive to power fluctuations. And while some devices include a degree of built-in protection, you can also purchase items that will help protect your equipment from damage due to things like power surges, faulty wiring, or improper grounding.

You can protect your electronics by:

  • Limiting the number of devices connected to a single outlet.
  • Using a dedicated circuit for sensitive electronic equipment; avoid plugging your computer into the same circuit that runs your air conditioner, for example.
  • Ensuring that the wiring in your house is properly grounded. If your lights dim or circuit breakers trip or fuses burn out frequently, you should contact a licensed electrician.
  • Using three-pronged plugs whenever possible and wherever appropriate.
  • Unplugging sensitive electronic devices, during electrical storms.
  • Installing a surge suppressor or an uninterruptible power supply (with surge suppression) for your sensitive devices.