Energy study

Reduce costs and save electricity

All organizations can improve reliability and increase energy efficiency. Opportunities exist in systems that don’t perform adequately or use out-of-date equipment, as well as in processes that require optimization. In some cases, these opportunities for improvement go unnoticed. In others, facility managers are aware of the potential, but just don’t have the evidence or resources needed to build a strong business case.

But leaving efficiency opportunities unrealized in today's energy environment is costly.

An energy study will identify, analyze and recommend cost-effective solutions to improve inefficient systems, and increase the reliability and energy efficiency of your facility. After the energy study is complete, you'll receive a report that provides detailed suggestions for improvements, and data you can use to make informed decisions and build a solid business case.

Benefits for commercial, government and institutional customers

Improved energy efficiency is directly linked to improved reliability and profitability.

Performing an energy study results in a number of benefits:

  • Significant energy, operational and maintenance cost savings that directly contribute to your bottom line.
  • Reliability improvements in your energy-using systems.
  • Justification to upgrade your facility with new equipment and technology, replacing old, inefficient systems.
  • Environmental benefits, such as reduced waste and decreased greenhouse gas emissions.

How we can help

BC Hydro's energy study program helps you conduct studies within your commercial organization. The program can investigate any energy-using system, such as lighting, mechanical or information technology, within a facility.

This program provides three important services:

  1. Co-funding with the potential for 50% co-funding of the energy study.
  2. A list of pre-qualified consultants capable of performing detailed commercial energy studies. To qualify for funding, the consultant must be a registered in the BC Hydro Alliance of energy professionals.
  3. Access to BC Hydro's technical and energy management resources throughout the energy study process.

Energy study requirements

We accept energy study applications on the following combinations:

  • Mechanical controls only
  • Mechanical component with controls
  • Lighting redesign only
  • Lighting redesign with controls
  • Lighting controls only
  • Lighting and mechanical

How it works

The typical process follows six easy steps:

  1. Contact your Key Account Manager to discuss the opportunity for an energy study at your facility
  2. If required, select a consultant from BC Hydro's list of pre-qualified consultants
  3. Meet with BC Hydro and the consultant to discuss the scope of the study
  4. The consultant prepares a proposal for BC Hydro as part of an energy study application
  5. The consultant performs the energy study and prepares a report
  6. BC Hydro reviews the energy study report and then issues co-funding payment directly back to you, the customer