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Commercial energy manager

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Get funding to hire an on-site energy manager

If you know you could be doing more to build energy management into your business practices, but don't know where to start, consider hiring a co-funded energy manager.

An energy manager:

  • Demonstrates and advocates for the value of strategic energy management for your business.
  • Defines and implements energy-saving projects to meet your business' energy objectives.
  • Engages people at all levels of your organization to be more energy efficient at work.

The offer

We'll provide partial funding for you to hire a commercial energy manager to monitor and improve your business' energy efficiency over the long term.

Here's what's included:

  • 50% of your energy manager's salary funding, up to $60,000 per year.
  • Access to funding for energy studies and equipment upgrades.
  • Energy management training sessions, consulting services, and networking opportunities.
  • Coaching to develop a strategic energy management that aligns with your organization's objectives. 
  • A professional energy management assessment.

This is a free assessment to review and rate your business' energy efficiency. It's led by an energy management professional at a location that's convenient for your team.

At the end of the assessment, you'll receive a detailed report containing:

  • The best energy management opportunities within your business.
  • How your business ranks against others in your industry.
  • An action plan to achieve your energy goals.

How it works

  1. Contact your Key Account Manager to confirm your eligibility and apply for the program.
  2. Once you're approved, start recruiting for an energy manager. We'll need to pre-approve your selected candidate before you hire them to ensure they meet our qualifications.
  3. Your hired energy manager will work to build strategic energy management best practices within your organization and tackle energy efficiency projects. They'll have support from the program and your Key Account Manager along the way.


  • You must be participating in our leaders in energy management program.
  • You're willing to hire an energy manager as a full-time employee.
  • Your candidate's salary and qualifications meet certain criteria, subject to approval.
  • You can meet annual targets for your energy savings and/or reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Your senior leadership will provide the necessary support to your energy manager to meet deliverables and targets.

If your business doesn't qualify for funding to hire an energy manager, an alternative is to join our energy manager associate program. Through this option, you can access study and equipment incentives, training, and the energy management assessment, but you won't be required to meet annual energy targets.

How to apply

Contact your Key Account Manager to apply.

If you're not sure who to talk to, contact our business help desk at 1 866 522 4713.


Online assessment

If you don't meet the eligibility criteria for the commercial energy manager program, we offer a free energy management assessment online that you can complete yourself.

The assessment will ask you a series of questions about your current energy management and produce a detailed report of opportunities, as well as a benchmark comparison to your industry averages.

Download the assessment tool [XLSM, 261 KB]

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