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BC Hydro works to improve power reliability for Morris Valley

HARRISON MILLS: BC Hydro is moving forward with plans to improve power reliability for customers along Morris Valley Road in Harrison Mills with new underground and underwater lines to provide a second source of power for the community.

"We know that the people who live in Morris Valley have been facing significant challenges following storms this past winter. BC Hydro has been engaging with the residents and has identified a feasible solution,” says Kelli Paddon, MLA for Chilliwack-Kent. “I’m grateful for BC Hydro’s efforts in the past to help prevent tree-related power outages and am pleased they are moving forward with this new option to improve service reliability.”

The Morris Valley Distribution Reinforcement Project will connect the community to the Kent Substation with 2.7 kilometres of new underground and underwater lines across the Harrison River. The community currently receives power through a power line from Mission substation. It will also improve reliability for areas north of Morris Valley including the Sts’ailes First Nation.

“We are committed to delivering safe, clean and reliable electricity to our customers in Morris Valley,” says Chris O’Riley, President & CEO, BC Hydro. “Most power outages in this community are caused by trees falling on power lines, weather and motor vehicle accidents. A new feeder route from Kent Substation will add redundancy and is the best option for the area.”

Over the past few years, BC Hydro has conducted extensive vegetation management in the area to try to reduce tree-related power outages.

As part of the project, BC Hydro plans to also expand Kent Substation, upgrade distribution lines and replace power poles between Kent Substation and the Harrison River.

The project is in the early stages. This summer BC Hydro will apply for permits required for the project. The earliest construction could start is summer 2023 and the project could be complete as early as spring 2024.
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