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Fact sheet: BC Hydro rates

New rate

  • On April 1, BC Hydro rates will increase by 3 per cent or about $2 per month ($23 per year) for residential customers.
  • This is consistent with BC Hydro’s 10-Year Plan that was announced in 2013.  

Lowest rates in North America

  • BC Hydro rates are amongst the lowest rates in North America.
  • Adjusting for inflation, the average BC Hydro bill today is around $2 more than the average bill in 1978.
  • When compared to other utilities in North America, BC Hydro residential customers pay around 30 per cent less for electricity service than customers in Toronto, which has the highest rate in Canada, and a third of what customers in San Francisco pay, which has the highest rates in North America.

Bill help

  • Over the next three years, BC Hydro will invest $10 million on its low income conservation programs to help income qualifying customers reduce their electricity use and save on their bill.
  • In May, BC Hydro will launch a Customer Emergency Fund that will allow customers that find themselves in a financial emergency to access grants of up to $600 to put towards an outstanding BC Hydro bill.
  • BC Hydro will also begin consulting with customer groups on a low-income rate that would provide a reduced electricity rate for low-income customers. This will require approval from the BC Utilities Commission prior to being implemented. 


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