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Code of Conduct

To promote awareness and understanding of the standards of conduct that BC Hydro expects, the Board of Directors has approved a Code of Conduct as well as Contractor Standards for Ethical Conduct.

These documents provide general guidance on standards of conduct, including guidelines on conflict of interest, as well as requirements associated with confidential information, entertainment and gifts, environment and safety, and use of BC Hydro property. The Code also allows exemptions from its requirements to be granted in extraordinary circumstances, and where it is clearly in the best interests of BC Hydro to do so.

Fraud Risk Policy

We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraud in any form. The purpose of our Fraud Risk Policy is to improve the knowledge and awareness of all BC Hydro employees about the potential risks of fraud and set out responsibilities regarding the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud.

The policy applies to all employees at BC Hydro and its subsidiaries, including the Board of Directors, executives, managers, and senior leaders.

Public Interest Disclosure Act

The Public Interest Disclosure Act (PIDA) came into effect at BC Hydro in December 2022 as required by the B.C. Government. The goal of PIDA is to provide a safe, legally protected way for current and former employees to report serious and systemic wrongdoing within public sector organizations in B.C. so it can be uncovered and addressed.

There are five categories of wrongdoing identified by PIDA:

  • An offence under B.C. or federal laws.
  • A substantial and specific danger to people or the environment.
  • A serious misuse of public funds or public assets.
  • Gross or systemic mismanagement.
  • Directing or counselling a person to commit any of the above.

We provide enhanced whistleblower protections to those who seek advice, report or participate in an investigation under PIDA to ensure confidentiality and prevent retaliation.

Current and former employees can report possible wrongdoing under PIDA in or relating to BC Hydro or seek advice about it by contacting:

By law, PIDA reporting is not currently available to BC Hydro contractors or the public.

PIDA reports