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Pemberton Substation Rebuild Project

View of the Pemberton substation

We're in the early planning stages of the Pemberton Substation Rebuild Project that will ensure we continue to provide clean, reliable energy to communities in Pemberton and the Sea-to-Sky region.

What's new

We hosted an open house on March 27 where we shared more information about the project. Thank you to those who shared their feedback. The workshop storyboards are available in our reports and documents

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This project will replace equipment that is near end-of-life and prepare the substation for future upgrades.

It will also remove equipment with Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs), part of our PCB electrical equipment removal strategy that meets stringent federal regulations.

These improvements will ensure the station continues to safely and reliably operate for our customers.

The Pemberton substation has been in service since the 1970s, serving more than 3,600 customers in Pemberton and the Sea-to-Sky region. The station is supplied with electricity from one 230-kilovolt transmission line from Bridge River generating facilities in Shalalth.

We need to upgrade the substation to:

  • Replace major equipment that is near end-of-life
  • Remove electrical equipment containing PCBs
  • Improve station layout for future upgrades

The Pemberton Substation is an existing substation on Pemberton Portage Road near Aspen Boulevard.

Pemberton substation project map

The project will ensure we continue to provide clean, reliable energy to communities in Pemberton and the Sea-to-Sky region that are served by the substation while preparing for future upgrades.

This project will require an expansion of the substation within the existing property lines to make room for the new equipment. It will require changes to the surrounding vegetation and parking at the Pemberton Health Centre. We will communicate more details as they become available.

We’re in the early planning stages of the project and expect to start construction as early as July 2023. The in-service date for the project is anticipated to be June 2027.

During the planning phases of the project, desktop and field environmental studies will be undertaken to investigate archaeological potential, wildlife and wildlife habitat, vegetation and soil characterization.


We’ll work with First Nations, key stakeholders and the public throughout the project. In the coming months, we’ll be hosting an open house to share the current project information and provide an opportunity for the public to meet with our project team.

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Reports and documents

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