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Daisy Lake (DSY)

About Daisy Lake Reservoir and the Cheakamus River

The Daisy Lake Reservoir was created in 1926 when the Cheakamus Dam was built. The dam was replaced in 1984 with a 29-metre high modern earth-fill structure. Water flows from Daisy Lake Reservoir to Shadow Lake Reservoir, where a partially lined tunnel and two penstocks carry the water 11 kilometres to the 157-megawatt Cheakamus Generating Station on the Squamish River.

Normal reservoir level:  Between 376.5 metres and 364.9 metres deep
Flood control: Only filled above 376.5 metres for short-term flood control.
Cheakamus River:
Water levels on the Cheakamus River, a tributary of the Squamish River that first flows into Daisy Lake Reservoir and then out of it before joining the Squamish at Cheekye, are influenced by a combination of precipitation, natural inflows from tributaries, high tide conditions generated at Squamish, and the diversion of water from Daisy Lake to the generating station.
Info & alerts: In the event a spill is required at Cheakamus Dam, BC Hydro will notify local government agencies and stakeholders by issuing a spill notice or a flood alert. You can also get updates via the water level information line at 604 892 6520.

Data are based on automated readings which are from time to time inaccurate.