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All transactions incur 6.28% losses calculated on the energy received at the Point-of-Receipt (POR) [PDF, 15 KB]. Customers may elect to either:

  • purchase Loss Compensation Service from BC Hydro;
  • Reduce the amount of energy delivered; or,
  • Supply the losses themselves (in which case they may be generated by a third party).

Customers choosing to supply their losses must submit a separate loss schedule for each energy schedule and must purchase transmission to get their losses into the province. For your convenience, we have a loss schedule calculator [XLS, 30 KB] available for download. Customers who do not supply losses or reduce the energy delivered will be assumed to have purchased Loss Compensation Service and will be billed at the posted rate.

Loss Compensation Forecast


Alternatively, customers can access the Ancillary Services section of the BC Hydro OASIS or contact Transmission Prescheduling at 604-455-1926 or the Transmission Dispatcher in Real-time at 604-455-1720 for clarification purposes.