Civil Underground Construction

What is civil underground construction at BC Hydro?

Civil Underground Construction Services at BC Hydro includes end-to-end program work such as excavation of trenches, installation of conduits and concrete vaults, and restoration of the surface to build or repair pathways that serve as mechanical protection for our electrical underground systems.

In order to complete Civil Underground Construction work for BC Hydro, Contractors need to meet certain requirements. These requirements include, but are not limited to;

  • proof of WorkSafeBC registration;
  • proof of COR certification OR proof of COR registration with COR certification occurring within a certain timeframe; and
  • demonstrated experience in civil construction of utility underground infrastructure.

Below is a list of bulletins related to working standards and expectations of BC Hydro and its Civil Underground Construction Contractors:

Bulletin Topic Date
#1 Construction Management [PDF, 62 KB] January 2018
#2 Safety [PDF, 254 KB] January 2018
#3 Quality Assurance [PDF, 40 KB] January 2018
#4 Relationship [PDF, 40 KB] January 2018
#5 Fixed Unit Price Model [PDF, 81 KB] January 2018
#6 Administrative Process [PDF, 40 KB] January 2018

Upcoming BC Hydro Opportunities for civil underground construction Contractors

In September of 2018, BC Hydro will post to BC Bid a Request for Proposal from Civil Underground Construction Contractors interested and capable of completing distribution underground construction work in various regions of British Columbia. The work included in this opportunity will;

  • follow a list of established fixed and variable units,
  • be governed by a long-term contract, and
  • be segmented by high-volume, high-frequency regions throughout the province.

BC Hydro intends to award each region to one Contractor and expects each of the selected Contractors to be capable and responsible for delivering all required civil underground construction services in their awarded region throughout the term of the contract.

A Pre-RFP Information conference call with more specific details will be held in early September of 2018.

In addition to this regionalized contract opportunity, BC Hydro will also be developing a list of pre-qualified Contractors to ensure all other lower-volume, lower-frequency regions across British Columbia are serviced and maintained by capable Civil Contractors — look for details in 2019.

For questions regarding these upcoming civil underground construction opportunities, or, to be added to the attendee list for the pre-RFP Information conference call, please email

Current postings from BC Hydro can be found on the BC Bid website:

> Select Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results
> Select Browse opportunities by organization
> Select BC hydro and Power Authority