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HR8 Security Personnel Trained on BC Hydro's Human Rights Policies and Procedures







Security Personnel Trained






Accenture Business Service of B.C. Security Services Investigators are ex-police officers and as such have had training in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Security. They give evidence in court on a regular basis which keeps them up to date on Charter issues. They must all be provincially-licenced Private Investigators. BC Hydro's Trades Training instructors supply mandatory safety training to all new hires in Security Services before investigators are allowed in the field. All new hires in Security Services get this training orientation and receive updated training when policies and procedures change.

The curriculum for licensed security guard personnel covers the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. BC Hydro's security guard service provider requires an additional orientation course that has modules in Equal Employment Opportunities, General and Sexual Harassment, Complaint Procedures, Policy for Handling Concerns, and Guidelines for Appropriate Conduct. These policies are compliant with governing legislation and are consistent with industry Best Practices.

"Violence in the Workplace" review and process enhancement that arose at a joint BC Hydro/ABSBC Operational meeting. The joint task force incorporated best in class learnings from other jurisdictions and created a regular update schedule to ensure that all information is current. Corporate BC Hydro Security signed off on the improved process put in place by ABSBC Customer Care to manage violence in the workplace occurrences.