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Free upgrades for non-profit housing providers and Indigenous communities

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COVID-19 safety precautions for in-home visits

We’re continuing to take safety precautions to protect the health and safety of our customers and contractors, including:

  • A COVID-19 pre-screening questionnaire before the home visit
  • Sanitizing areas in the home where products are installed
  • Wearing masks and maintaining distance whenever possible

We’ll work with you to ensure your in-home visit is scheduled for a time that’s convenient and comfortable for you. For inquiries about home visits or other program-related questions, email or call us.

Improve the efficiency and comfort of your housing units

Help your tenants and members save on their energy costs and improve their overall comfort all year-round. Non-profit housing providers and Indigenous communities can get free energy saving upgrades for their housing units.

How it works

  1. You'll work with our approved program partner It's On Electric to complete your housing provider or community's application.
  2. Program energy coaches will visit your housing complex or community to complete energy saving upgrades within each eligible unit at no cost.
    • The free products installed may include LED bulbs, faucet aerators, high-efficiency showerheads, and door weatherstripping.
    • Some tenants and members may also qualify for an ENERGY STAR® refrigerator, insulation in their walls, attic, and/or crawlspace, or a high-efficiency gas furnace.

      To be eligible for high-efficiency natural gas furnace replacements, you must be a FortisBC gas customer. 
  3. The energy coach then provides each tenant and member with advice and tips to help them further improve their home's efficiency. You'll also receive a report of what was installed in each unit.

Available upgrades

The energy-saving upgrades installed will be determined by the housing type and individual characteristics of each home.

  • Single-family detached home
  • Townhome
  • Rowhome
  • Duplex
  • Manufactured home/mobile home
  • Installation of energy-saving products which may include:
    - LED light bulbs
    - Water-efficient showerheads
    - Faucet aerators
    - Door weatherstripping
  • ENERGY STAR fridge replacement
  • High efficiency gas furnace replacement
  • Insulation in walls, attic, or crawl space
  • Underbelly insulation for manufactured/mobile homes
  • Apartment
  • Condominium
  • Installation of energy-saving products which may include
    - LED light bulbs
    - Water-efficient showerheads
    - Faucet aerators
    - Door weatherstripping
  • ENERGY STAR fridge replacement

Get started today

To learn more about eligibility requirements or to get started with your application, please contact our partner It's On Electric at 1 855 560 3227.

For non-profit multi-unit residential building

Learn more about the additional funding and support available for upgrading the common spaces your building.

For Indigenous communities

Learn more about how Indigenous communities could get free energy saving products, additional rebates, installation training and funding support from BC Hydro to implement home energy upgrades on your own.


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