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People-centric approach powers energy conservation efforts

Nicky Arthur, Colliers International energy manager

When she is asked about strategic energy management, Colliers International energy manager Nicky Arthur instantly rattles off a series of people-centric initiatives in continuous energy improvement.

The property management company is preparing to deliver training to 40 building operators. It will teach them to identify energy- and cost-saving opportunities in their buildings.

"Within a year, they're supposed to identify at least one project that we can help develop a business case for," explains Arthur. "It's grassroots energy management, empowering them to feel they can be part of the energy conversation."

Then there's an eco challenge for tenants. All of the tenants in one building are invited online to take part in a specific challenge, such as reducing energy usage for a set period of time. It's designed to start conversations – and community building – around sustainability.

Arthur is grateful for the support Colliers has received by being a part of BC Hydro's Energy Wise Network; it has included accessing specialized consultants and learning how to create a culture of conservation. Hydro has also provided financial incentives for the development of the upcoming training, including design of the course materials and engagement with stakeholders.

Colliers has now bundled its sustainability efforts under one brand, GreenSpace, to better help both internal and external stakeholders identify and coordinate green efforts. It is also publicly publishing an annual sustainability report. The idea is to have higher visibility and accountability around what's being done, why it's being done, and how to achieve future long-term goals.

"We're always striving to be advisors to all of the different stakeholders we encounter. The support we get from BC Hydro is key. It really raises the profile of strategic energy management to have partnered with such a strong advocate for sustainability."

Nicky Arthur, Energy and Sustainability Manager, Western Canada, Colliers International

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