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Woodfibre: What's happening

Squamish from Stawamus Chief

Woodfibre LNG will use clean electricity to liquefy natural gas at its proposed LNG facility.

Powering the proposed Woodfibre LNG facility - leading alternative identified

When we met with communities, we shared information on three alternatives for powering Woodfibre LNG’s facility. For more information on the three alternatives, please take a look at our open house storyboards from March 2015.

We have identified Alternative 1 as our leading alternative based on our study results and input from First Nations and local communities. However, before we make a final decision on how we’ll power Woodfibre LNG, we’ll be doing additional studies and further consultation on this alternative. At this time, we are waiting for authorization from Woodfibre LNG to move forward with additional studies.

What we'd build

First, we'd construct a temporary solution to provide power to Woodfibre LNG by their planned in-service date. This involves upgrading the existing 138 kV transmission line located between Gibsons and Cheekye substations.

We currently think we can complete these upgrades within our existing right-of-way – the land under and around our power lines.

Before we start this work, we'll complete more studies so we know exactly where the line needs to be upgraded and the types of upgrades we'll need to make. Upgrades could involve replacing existing wood poles with slightly taller wood poles or tightening the lines.

Later, we'd construct the permanent solution, which involves connecting the Woodfibre LNG facility to the existing 500 kV transmission line adjacent to their site. A new switching station would also be built on their property. The permanent solution would provide a fully redundant supply, which means there would be more than one transmission line providing power to the proposed facility. That way, if one line unexpectedly stops functioning, the other can still power the facility. The date for this work hasn't yet been determined.

Map showing Woodfibre LNG Interconnection Project: Alternative 1

For a larger version, please download Woodfibre LNG Interconnection Project map [PDF, 389 KB].

Why did BC Hydro choose this alternative?

We chose Alternative 1 as our leading alternative after hearing feedback from local communities and First Nations, and considering potential economic, social and environmental impacts.

Project costs

Woodfibre LNG is responsible for all costs associated with upgrading the electricity system to connect the facility to our system. BC Hydro's ratepayers will not be paying for this work.