Revelstoke Unit 6 Project

Revelstoke Dam


Designed to hold six generating units, Revelstoke began operation in 1984 with four units. In 2010, BC Hydro added a fifth generating unit that brought the facility’s combined capacity to 2,480 megawatts (MW). Currently the Revelstoke Dam and Generating Station represent about 23 per cent of BC Hydro's capacity to produce electricity. A sixth unit at Revelstoke Dam would add 500 megawatts of capacity to BC Hydro’s electricity system and help us meet peak demand periods during the coldest, darkest days of the year. See the project fact sheet [PDF, 560 KB] for more information.

Planning underway  

BC Hydro expects electricity demand will increase by almost 40 per cent over the next 20 years. If demand grows as currently forecast, Revelstoke Unit 6 will be needed by 2026 to cover a capacity deficit that will occur during major maintenance work on four units at Mica Dam that were installed in the 1970's. The units will be taken out of service one at a time for 12 to 18 months, reducing Mica's capacity by 410 megawatts for up to six years. For contingency, BC Hydro is pursuing regulatory approvals so Revelstoke Unit 6 could be in-service as early as 2022 in case more capacity is needed sooner.

Capacitor station proposed on Bathville Road

For BC Hydro's transmission system to accommodate the sixth generation unit at the Revelstoke Dam, the existing transmission system must be reinforced with a capacitor station which will maintain voltage levels in the transmission line, achieve greater system stability, and improve electrical system efficiency. The new series capacitor station would be built on BC Hydro property along Bathville Road approximately 19 kilometres west of Summerland. See the project fact sheet [PDF, 698 KB] for more information.