Revelstoke Unit 6 Project

Aerial view of the Revelstoke Dam

What's new

We’re currently planning this project  for 2029 and we’ll revisit the timing in Clean Power 2040, our 2021 Integrated Resource Plan.

We've completed planning work and gained regulatory approvals to shorten the lead time to install a sixth generating unit at Revelstoke Generating Station should demand grow more quickly than we expect and we need the additional capacity sooner.

This project would install a sixth generating unit into an empty bay at the facility. Originally designed to house six generating units, only four were installed when Revelstoke Generating Station was constructed and we recently added the fifth generating unit that began operations in 2010. The project would also construct a new series capacitor station west of Summerland.

Revelstoke Unit 6 would add approximately 500 megawatts of capacity to BC Hydro's system and provide a significant amount of electricity when our customers need it most – during dark cold winter days when furnaces, appliances and lights are all in use.

For BC Hydro's transmission system to accommodate the sixth generation unit at the Revelstoke Dam, the existing transmission system would need to be reinforced with a new series capacitor station. This station would maintain voltage levels in the transmission line, achieve greater system stability, and improve electrical system efficiency.

Revelstoke Dam and Generating Station are located on the Columbia River, 5 kilometers upstream from the City of Revelstoke. The facilities are part of BC Hydro's Columbia system with Revelstoke Reservoir and Mica Dam located upstream and the Hugh L. Keenleyside Dam and Arrow Lakes Reservoir downstream.

We would build the new series capacitor station on BC Hydro property approximately 19 kilometres west of Summerland.

Construction of Unit 6 would create over 400 person years of temporary employment and generate local spending of about $45 million for goods, materials and services.

Project workers would be hired through the Columbia Hydro Constructors agreement that has provisions for local and equity hire.

We don't have a timeline for construction. Revelstoke Unit 6 is an important contingency project and having regulatory approvals in place reduces our lead time in case we need the additional capacity sooner than we expect.

The Revelstoke Unit 6 Project is a low impact project. Revelstoke dam was designed and constructed to hold six units so installing the unit does not involve any significant change to Revelstoke Dam. Further, construction activities would be within the existing facility's footprint. The provincial Environmental Assessment Office completed their assessment and granted an Environmental Assessment Certificate for the project in November 2018.

We worked closely with Indigenous groups on the environmental assessment application for the project and engaged with Indigenous groups, government and community members. We convened a core committee that met from November 2013 until December 2016 to ensure a diverse range of perspectives were considered.

Reports & documents

Revelstoke Unit 6 project fact sheet [PDF, 3MB]

Revelstoke open house posters – May 2017 [PDF, 2.7 MB]

Summerland open house posters – May 2017 [PDF, 1.3 MB]


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