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Damage Prevention Program for International Powerlines (IPLs)

The federal government regulates international power lines through the Canadian Energy Regulator, or CER. The CER has issued two regulations under the Canadian Energy Regulator Act that establish requirements that individuals must follow, including obtaining BC Hydro’s authorization, if they plan to:

  • construct a facility across, on, along or under an international power line;
  • cause a ground disturbance within the right of way area of an international power line (or if no right of way is registered for the international power line, within 30 meters from the centerline of the powerline); or
  • operate a vehicle or mobile equipment across an international powerline outside of the travelled portion of a highway or public road.

Copies of these regulations can be found on the Government of Canada’s website:

If you have any questions or need further information about authorizations for activities or facilities in the vicinity of BC Hydro’s IPLs, please contact us via email or by phone at 1 800 667 1517.

Locations of BC Hydro’s International Powerlines

BC Hydro has six IPLs, the locations of which are described below:

International Powerlines Map BC

There are some locations near BC Hydro’s IPLs where the operation of vehicles or mobile equipment could be dangerous. BC Hydro has posted signage or required height restrictors be installed in such places. If you have any questions about such locations, including the safety measures to be used, contact us via email.

Obtain written authorization to work around IPLs

You must obtain written approval from BC Hydro before commencing work near our IPLs. To obtain this, contact us via email

We’ll then determine if a property referral is required and advise you on the next steps.

Please note the property referral process can take 12-16 weeks. More complex projects may take several months to review. Please allow sufficient time for BC Hydro’s review.

Learn more about the property referral process and permitted activities within right of ways. 

How to work safely near BC Hydro IPLs

To ensure the safety of workers, the public and our infrastructure, we must be notified prior to any work being performed near its IPLs.

Prior to any digging or other underground work you must complete a BC One call

Learn more about working near BC Hydro’s IPLs

How to report contacts with IPLs or other dangerous situations

Please refer to electrical safety resources for more information.