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Rental Premises Agreement

The rental premise agreement is for landlords and owners of rental properties to assure that interruption of service is avoided when the premise is between tenants. For vacant (between tenants) rental premises, BC Hydro maintains service as a customer convenience and to avoid disconnection costs for vacated premises.

A premise with a rental premise agreement will avoid disconnection during vacant periods, but the owner should still contact BC Hydro to notify a change of occupancy.

If no application is received within 14 days after an account is closed by a tenant, the rental premise agreement will take effect, resulting in the owner being responsible for the vacant period.


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In this Agreement:

The "Owner" means the owner or operator of the premises or any agent authorized to act on behalf of and to bind the owner or operator of the premises.

The premises referred to in this agreement are specified in the online form. (Activated by agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.)

The Owner wishes BC Hydro to deal with each tenant or permitted occupant in a separately metered rental unit within the premises as a Customer of BC Hydro, subject to BC Hydro accepting an application for service from the tenant or permitted occupant of any such rental premises unit and continuing only while that tenant or permitted occupant remains in occupation of that rental premises unit.

The Owner will be responsible for payment for all services provided by BC Hydro during periods of vacancy for any and/or all of the premises or rental premises units within the premises.

The Owner will notify a BC Hydro business office by no later than two days following the date upon which any rental premises unit covered by paragraph 2 is vacated or sublet.

Subject to the terms outlined in this Agreement, BC Hydro agrees to deal directly with each tenant or permitted occupant that makes application for service for the duration of occupancy as a Customer of BC Hydro subject to BC Hydro's acceptance of the application for service.

The Owner will allow BC Hydro to inspect, at any reasonable time, any and all tenancy agreements and related documents and records pertaining to any rental premises unit covered by paragraph 2, for any current occupant(s) or any prior occupant(s) during the preceding 12-month period.

This Agreement will not be transferred or assigned by the Owner without prior consent in writing of BC Hydro. Consent will not be unreasonably withheld.

This Agreement will continue and remain in effect unless cancelled at any time by either party giving the other not less than thirty (30) days notice in writing.

The Owner acknowledges and agrees that service by BC Hydro is governed by the terms of the Electric Tariff [PDF, 4.0 MB].

Please acknowledge that you have read, and understand the Rental Premises Agreement.