B.C. Supreme Court issues decision on smart meter class action application

The Supreme Court of British Columbia issued its decision today on an application to certify a civil claim against BC Hydro as a class action. The claim concerned the installation of smart meters.

The Court has dismissed the application. BC Hydro is pleased that the B.C. Supreme Court decision is in our favour in this matter and we will be reviewing the decision in detail. This decision follows other decisions by the BC Utilities Commission, the B.C. Court of Appeal and the BC Human Rights Tribunal to dismiss legal challenges related to smart meters.

Smart meters are now a part of our standard operating equipment and have been delivering benefits to BC Hydro and our customers for more than four years. We have realized $100 million in benefits in the first three years of the program including reductions in electricity theft.

The smart metering program is an essential investment to help us modernize our electricity system. The new meters have improved our ability to manage British Columbia's electricity system and have helped us meet our customers' electricity needs by enabling tools that can help save energy and money.