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West End distribution projects

We're expanding our distribution system in the West End neighbourhood on Bute Street and Pendrell Street. This work will make space for additional power cables so that we can continue to deliver clean, reliable electricity to local homes and businesses as your community grows and as we all use more power.

What's new

May 2024

We're expecting to start work in early June, and we'll start on Bute Street, between Haro Street and Eihu Lane.

You'll be able to access businesses and move through the area while we're working, but please follow any directions from our employees or contractors to stay safe.

Throughout 2024, we'll be working in the City of Vancouver's West End neighbourhood to:

  • Expand an existing duct bank along Bute Street,
  • Build a new duct bank along Pendrell Street, and
  • Install new maintenance hatches along both roads.

Duct banks house distribution cables, which carry electricity from substations into your homes and businesses, and we access and maintain these cables via maintenance hatches.

We'll complete our construction work block-by-block, and then return to install the cables.

Our work will help to continue providing reliable electricity to your community as it grows and as we all use more power.

When this project is complete, we'll have space for more cables, that can carry more power, to homes and businesses in the West End.

This work is not part of the West End Substation project – the cables we add during this work will be connected to the existing Dal Grauer Substation. When the new substation is complete, and Dal Grauer Substation is decommissioned, we'll reconnect these cables to the West End Substation.

West End Distribution project map

Select the project map [JPG, 197 KB] to view it at a larger size.

We'll complete our construction block-by-block.

On Bute Street, most of our work to build the duct bank will take place under the sidewalk, on one side of the road only, and which side will vary by block.

On Pendrell Street, most of our duct bank work will take place under the roadway, on the south side of the road.

When we're building maintenance hatches, we may need more space in the street.

We're expecting to start work in April 2024 and to complete these projects over about 12 months.

We expect to be outside each building for about three days for duct bank construction, and that each maintenance hatch will take up to three weeks of construction.

Contact us

If you'd like to learn more about the project, please contact us at:

Phone: 604 623 4472