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Second Narrows Crossing project

Second Narrows Crossing project

Improving the reliability of our system

The 2L003 and 2L049 transmission lines that span Burrard Inlet at Second Narrows supply electricity to customers in Burnaby and Vancouver. The structures that carry these transmission lines, some of which were built in the 1920s, are at risk of being damaged during an earthquake and don’t meet current seismic standards.

What we're doing

We’re working to upgrade, replace, or relocate up to four transmission line structures that cross Burrard Inlet at Second Narrows near the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge so that they will continue to be able to operate in the event of an earthquake.

We plan to select a leading alternative in early 2023, complete project design by spring 2026 and start construction in summer 2026. The project has a target in-service date of March 2029.

This upgrade will increase the reliability of the electrical system by upgrading or replacing infrastructure that does not meet seismic standards. It will contribute to the safe and efficient operation of the transmission lines that serve Vancouver and Burnaby.

We’re studying three alternatives to address the seismic risks associated with structures 687 to 689 and ensure safe and reliable operation of the power lines they carry. These include:

  1. Ground improvements and reinforcing the existing structures and their foundations.
  2. Building a new overhead crossing near the existing alignment and removing existing structures.
  3. Installing a new cable on the Iron Workers Memorial Bridge and removing the existing structures.
Second Narrows Crossing project
Shown above is an aerial satellite map of the project location, near the Second Narrows Rail bridge. Image source: Google Earth and BC Hydro.

We’ll also assess Structure 690 for seismic risk and undertake upgrades, if required.

We'll decide on a leading alternative after we consider a variety of items including First Nations interests, environmental and/or archaeological impacts, cost, system reliability, constructability, maintenance, property requirements, stakeholder interests and schedule.

Share your feedback

You can share your feedback with us about this project and the alternatives being considered by email or by calling 604 623 4472, or toll free at 1 866 647 3334.