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Peace to Kelly Lake Stations Sustainment Project

Kennedy Capacitor Station
Kennedy Capacitor Station

We need to replace end-of-life equipment on our 500kV transmission system from the Peace Canyon Generating Station to the Kelly Lake Substation. The project includes upgrades to the Peace Canyon Generating Station, the Kennedy and McLeese Capacitor Stations, and the Williston Substation that will continue to ensure reliable electricity supply from Peace River to southern B.C.

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April 2023

The BC Utilities Commission has approved the Peace to Kelly Lake Stations Sustainment Project under Section 44.2(1)(b) of the Utilities Commission Act for capital expenditures.

We're starting with the Williston Substation and Kennedy Capacitor Station in April 2023. Work at Peace Canyon generating station and McLeese capacitor station is expected to take place from 2026 to 2027 and is expected to be complete around 2028.

To maintain the existing transmission system, upgrades are needed to address aging equipment at the Kennedy and McLeese Capacitor Stations, the Peace Canyon Generating Station, and the Williston Substation.

A capacitor station is a facility where electricity from a high-voltage transmission line is carried through a series of devices called capacitors. This helps maintain the voltage levels in a transmission line, allowing more electricity to pass through a line over long distances.

We'll be replacing the aging voltage stabilization equipment at Peace Canyon and Williston and the end-of-life capacitor control system in the two capacitor stations. At Kennedy Capacitor Station and at Williston Substation, the existing control buildings will also be replaced.

Peace to Kelly Lake Project / Peace to Kelly Lake Stations renewal project map

This stations sustainment project will provide increased reliability to the electrical backbone that brings power from Peace Region down to the south coast and replace near end-of-life equipment.

Most of the stations affected by this upgrade are located away from population except the Williston Substation. That substation is located southeast of the Prince George International Airport east of the intersection of Cummings Road and Pooley Road.

Project construction will start April 2023 and the expected completion date is around 2028.

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