Prince George to Terrace Capacitors Project

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We're re-initiating the Prince George to Terrace Capacitors (PGTC) Project to support the Province's CleanBC plan. This project will provide capacity to electrify our industrial customers' existing and upcoming operations in our northwest service area.

The project involves constructing three new capacitor stations to increase the capacity along the 450-km, 500-kilovolt transmission line that runs between Prince George and northwest B.C.:

  • One station near Vanderhoof;
  • One station near Burns Lake;
  • One near Telkwa.

We'll also be adding a transformer to the Skeena Substation near Terrace to downstep the high volume 500-kilovolt electricity.

Capacitor stations contain equipment to boost the amount of electricity that a transmission line can carry. These stations are fenced, outdoor facilities that need to be constructed on flat land, adjacent to or near the existing transmission line. By using capacitor stations we can significantly increase the capacity of the existing transmission line in a cost-effective, safe, and reliable way.

We're just at the early stages of restarting this project. More detailed timing and schedule updates will come as we continue to make progress.

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Toll free: 1 866 647 3334


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