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Keep your Alliance records up to date

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Avoid unnecessary delays by updating your membership every two years

Like so much other stuff in your inbox, Alliance membership reminders can be easy to ignore. You get an email reminder from BC Hydro telling you that it's time to update information to keep your Alliance membership up to date... and it just sits there.

Then a few months down the road, you apply for a BC Hydro incentive for a customer, and it's delayed.

"What we found is that firms that didn't have an immediate project felt that it was OK to let their membership lapse," says Tanya Perewernycky, program delivery specialist with the Alliance team. "Then some months later a project comes up and it's a scramble to get everything completed in time."

Every two years, the Alliance team sends out a membership renewal email to members. It's designed to ensure a firm's contact information, insurance information, specifics of services, etc., are up to date; it's essential to ensuring the Alliance program runs smoothly.

"Communication is also a big piece," says Perewernycky. "We want to ensure we're getting program updates and news out to our members."

What sort of information could you be missing out on? Here are a few examples:

It's simple. Avoid missing out on key updates, and that last minute scramble when applying for incentives. Take 15 to 20 minutes to update your membership as soon as you get that email reminder.