The 2008 Long-Term Acquisition Plan (LTAP) updated the analysis undertaken in the 2006 LTAP and targeted key areas to be refreshed. The process used to develop the 2008 LTAP did not include all of the steps of the comprehensive 2006 Integrated Electricity Plan (IEP), and thus its analysis was more limited.

The diagram below highlights the differences in scope between the previous 2006 IEP/LTAP process and the targeted 2008 LTAP process.  

Objectives (Step 1) and attributes (inputs to Step 3) were not reviewed during the 2008 LTAP process.

Key forecast documents (inputs to Step 2) were updated. These included the gas and electricity price forecasts and the greenhouse gas offset price forecasts. An updated load resource balance (Step 2) was developed. This is an important item in understanding the gap between future customer load requirements and existing/committed resources.

A targeted update of the resource options inventory (Step 3) was undertaken for certain resource options where the data had changed significantly.

Key risks and uncertainties (inputs to Step 4) were updated. Analysis was done on a limited basis for the portfolio development (Step 4), and for the portfolio trade-off analysis (Step 5) where different portfolios of resource options were tested based on their cost-effectiveness and how they performed on other attributes.