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Demand response for refrigeration trial

Trial application
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Increased rewards for shifting your electricity use

We're trialing a demand-response program available to our business customers with refrigeration systems. By participating in the trial, you can earn higher rewards for shifting your electricity use out of periods of peak demand on our system. 

This trial is available from May 1, 2024 to April 30, 2025. 

The offer

Demand-response events are short periods of high demand on our system – lasting no more than four hours each. If you shift at least 5% your typical electricity use to before or after the event, you'll earn a reward.

You can earn $75 per average kW demand reduction over the course of the season's events. The more you reduce or shift, the more you can earn. 

For example, if your seasonal average demand reduction was 200 kW, you’ll receive a $15,000 reward. 

How it works

Once you're registered for the trial, we’ll invite you to participate in demand-response events throughout the season. 

Here's how they work: 

  1. Alert: We'll notify you via email at least 12 hours before each event. This allows you to plan when and how you'll shift or reduce your electricity use.
  2. Shift: Shift at least 5% of your typical electricity usage to before or after the event. You can do this manually or via automated demand response.
  3. Reward: If you're successful, you'll earn rewards for that event.

More information

To learn more about events, eligibility, and frequently asked questions, see our demand response for business program details. 

For full trial details, refer to the Customer Manual – Demand response for refrigeration trial [PDF, 272 KB].

Apply now

Complete the form below to apply for this trial. For reference, see the Terms and conditions – Demand response refrigeration trial [PDF, 149 KB].

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The personal information collected in this form is for registering in the Demand Response for Refrigeration trial offered by BC Hydro. The information is collected under the authority of Section 26(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act for B.C. This information will be stored outside of Canada. If you have any questions concerning how your personal information is handled, please contact