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Programs for Indigenous communities

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Free energy-saving products, rebates and training

The Indigenous Communities Conservation Program (ICCP) provides funding and support for energy efficiency upgrades in Indigenous communities.

All Indigenous communities within our service area [PDF, 176 KB] are eligible to participate in the program for the benefit of their community and its members.

The offers

Our ICCP includes two program offers to help improve the energy-efficiency of homes in Indigenous communities. You can take part in one or both program offers depending on what kind of energy upgrades you're looking to complete.

The program is designed for Indigenous communities that are coordinating home energy upgrades in multiple homes for their community members.

Home energy check-up

Indigenous communities can receive free energy-saving products, installation training support and funding to complete minor energy-efficiency upgrades for homes in their community. This offer includes:

  • Free energy-saving products [PDF, 39 KB]
  • Salary support to hire community members who will install the products
  • Training for community members and/or staff to install the energy-saving products and assess the home for additional energy efficiency opportunities

Indigenous communities who participate in the home energy check-up will need to designate a Project Lead who will work with our team to plan and implement the work in their community. The Project Lead is responsible for:

  1. Ordering energy saving products using our on-line storefront.
  2. Hire community members or identify building maintenance staff (or both) who will participate in program training and complete the work in community homes.
  3. Work with us to schedule and coordinate the logistics of the installer training.
  4. Participate in our project management training module.
  5. Coordinate the program work with their team and homeowners.
  6. Keep track of home addresses where work is completed and send in the Product Installation Declaration when the work is complete.

After the home energy check-ups are complete, the Project Lead and housing department will have valuable information that can be used to continue with the home energy upgrade rebates.

All Indigenous communities within our service area [PDF, 176 KB] are eligible to take part.

This program is ideal for Indigenous communities that are starting their energy conservation journey and want to learn more about how to complete energy-efficient upgrades.

To get started, give us a call at 1 866 266 6366 or email us.

Home energy upgrade rebates

We offer rebates and training support for energy upgrades to existing homes in Indigenous communities.

January 2023 program update: See updated product requirements for heat pumps.

We're offering funding and installation training support for Indigenous communities that are looking to make larger energy efficiency upgrades to homes in their community. Upgrades include:

* A home must receive rebate-eligible building envelope upgrades in at least one category (e.g., insulation, windows, doors) to qualify for the health and safety or ventilation rebates.

Indigenous communities that apply for rebates need to designate a Project Lead who will work with us to plan and implement the work in their community. The Project Lead is responsible for:

  1. Submitting the program’s enrollment form.
  2. Understanding the product rebate requirements and sharing them with contractors to make sure all upgrades meet eligibility requirements.
  3. Submitting a completed rebate application workbook and invoices with the required information when the work is complete.

Here are sample invoices for insulation [PDF, 113 KB], windows and doors [PDF, 607 KB], heat pumps [PDF, 115 KB] and electric heat pump water heater upgrades [PDF, 110 KB].

All Indigenous communities within our service area [PDF, 176 KB] are eligible to participate.

This program is ideal for Indigenous communities who are planning to conduct home renovations (or are already in the process of making upgrades) and are looking for support to improve energy efficiency.

Effective January 1, 2023, we’re aligning our heat pump product efficiency requirements with federal government testing standards. We’ll now accept heat pumps tested under both testing standards, HSPF/SEER, and HSPF2/SEER2, and the requirements are below.


HSPF ≥10.00 HSPF2 ≥8.5
SEER ≥16.00 SEER2 ≥15.2

Check our rebate-eligible heat pump product list to view all qualifying models. 

To get started, give us a call at 1 866 266 6366 or email us.

Choosing the right contractor is an important step in a successful energy retrofit. A well-trained contractor is your best bet to achieve your energy efficiency goals. 

To be eligible for home energy upgrade rebates through the Indigenous Communities Conservation Program (ICCP), all upgrades must be installed by a licensed contractor with a GST number and a valid B.C. business license in the trade relevant to the upgrade.

While no other contractor requirements are in place for ICCP at this time, we recommend that participating Indigenous communities work with a contractor that’s a member of the Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN). We work with FortisBC and CleanBC Better Homes to maintain a list of registered HPCN contractors across the province. If your community is in a region with limited access to HPCN members, complete a form to get notified when members become available near you. 

If you’re working with a trusted contractor that isn’t part of the HPCN, and they would like to become a member, they can find out more information on the HPCN website.


Home energy check-up

Home energy upgrade rebates

Contact us

To find out more about the program or to get started, you can reach by calling 1 866 266 6366 or by emailing us.