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South Surrey Area Reinforcement Project

The Nicomekl Substation will be expanded onto property that we already own, and the work at White Rock Substation will be completed within the existing substation.

Construction on the SSAR Project began in March 2017.

Construction activity

Site preparation for Nicomekl Substation upgrade

Early March 2017
Nicomekl Substation upgrade Spring 2017 to October 2018
Transmission line upgrade October 2017 to Summer 2018
White Rock Substation upgrade Spring 2018 to November 2018
In-service date November 2018

We started construction in early 2017 and expect to be finished by late 2018.

This project involves:

  • Replacing 5 k.m. of the transmission line along Highway 10 between 160 Street and 184 Street.
  • Expanding the Nicomekl Substation and installing new equipment.
  • Adding and updating equipment at the White Rock Substation.

South Surrey is growing and its need for electricity is increasing. To make sure we can keep meeting your power needs, we're upgrading the transmission power line that brings electricity into your community, and two substations in your area that will "step down" high-voltage power so it can be used by your homes and businesses.

Tree clearing on the north and east sides of Nicomekl Substation were completed first to avoid bird nesting season. This way, birds were able to select other nearby trees as nesting sites. New trees will be planted in spring 2018 when work at this substation is complete.

Reports & documents

South Surrey Area Reinforcement Map [JPG, 697 KB]

South Surrey Area Reinforcement Project Update Letter – February 2017 [PDF, 163 KB]

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