Leaders in energy management (commercial)

Important updates to our programs

Energy Study Funding

Starting in fiscal 2018, Energy Study funding will be available to Key Account customers with a BC Hydro-funded Energy Manager.

Project Implementation Funding & Business Energy Saving Incentives for large business customers with a BC Hydro Key Account Manager

Projects already in the BC Hydro operational queue will continue and must still meet program eligibility criteria to receive an incentive. In early January 2017, we'll start accepting new retrofit projects for completion in fiscal 2018.

Starting in fiscal 2018, Project Implementation Funding, Business Energy Saving Incentives, and Energy Study offers will be available to Key Account customers with BC Hydro-funded Energy Managers.

LED Street Lighting

Not surprisingly, our LED Street Lighting offer has been a hit and we've reached our funding target for fiscal 2017. Projects currently in progress and in the BC Hydro operational queue will continue. Municipalities who aren't Key Account customers will still have access to some funding for this fiscal year.

The LED street lighting market has advanced significantly. Given these advancements and the successful efforts of the LED Street Lights Across BC consortium, the market has evolved considerably and no further incentive funding will be made available.

Is your customer eligible for leaders in energy management?

Before you start, have your customer contact their Key Account Manager to confirm their eligibility for the leaders in energy management initiative. If your customer is unsure who their Key Account Manager is, please ask them to call 604 224 9376.

Also, please note that the information on this page is for BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals members. If you're a customer looking for program information, please visit the leaders page.

Get access to a wide range of help

This program partners BC Hydro with B.C.'s largest commercial, government and institutional customers that consume at least 4 GWh of electricity per year. Customers gain access to a wide range of energy management programs, tools and incentives.

You must be an Alliance member to assist customers on leaders in energy management initiatives.

Energy studies

Investigate any energy-using system, such as lighting, mechanical or information technology, and we'll cover up to 50% of the cost.

Green IT study

Implementation funding

Funding for up to 75% of the incremental cost of lighting projects.

Training, events & program updates