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Vendor financing

An option for getting your customers to go ahead with upgrades

Vendor financing is a tool that can help Alliance members speed up project approvals and drive more business.

The financing can be in the form of loans or leases, but leasing is the more popular route. Typically the finance provider pays the Alliance member on completion of the project, and the customer then starts the repayment process (lease or loan) with the finance provider.

  • A third-party finance provider takes on the risks associated with the financing
  • The Alliance member provides their usual services and warranties, with the added service of facilitating the finance application for the customer

The BC Hydro financing estimate tool

BC Hydro offers a tool to help Alliance members more easily incorporate financing as a payment option in their project proposals.

The tool is located on the business incentives and industrial incentives pages. Users can develop a finance estimate schedule for any project going through a business incentive or industrial incentive application process.

Using the Connect Me button

Users can also use the "Connect Me" feature to alert a BC Hydro-approved finance provider of a potential project so that they can offer their support.

Once alerted, a BC Hydro-approved finance provider will contact the Alliance vendor within 48 hours. This speeds up the process of developing a formal financing offer for your customers.

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