Archived Program Updates (For Alliance)

Important information about BC Hydro program updates

Thanks for helping us reach our targets! Due to the outstanding and ongoing support for conservation and energy management from you and our customers, we've received enough project applications to reach our program targets for our fiscal year, which runs through March, 2017.

In general, projects already in the BC Hydro operational queue that meet program criteria are still eligible. If you don't have a project in the queue, you will have the opportunity to apply again starting in January 2017.

Also starting in fiscal 2018, annual customer incentive caps will apply to all new Project Implementation Funding and Business Energy Saving Incentives projects.  

See our programs main page for important details about Energy Study Funding, Project Implementation Funding, Business Energy Saving Incentives and LED Street Lighting incentives.

General service lighting legislation - impacts to lighting incentives:

The passing of the General Service Lighting (GSL) legislation at the end of December 2014 impacts BC Hydro incentive levels for retrofits of existing screw-in incandescent 60W and 40W A lamps, in that the accepted wattages for each lamp will be reduced. 60W incandescent lamps will use a baseline consumption of 48W and 40W lamps will use a baseline consumption of 28W.

The commercial product incentives program has automatically updated these wattages within the application system.

For other programs, including the energy-saving leaders' custom incentives and industrial incentives, Alliance members are reminded to use the new lighting calculator [MS Excel, 793 KB] for projects. The calculator incorporates the new lower baselines within the spreadsheet.

Commercial product incentives updates, October 31, 2014

Effective October 31, 2014 at 5 p.m., the transition period for small and medium business customers will end. All commercial incentives applications (formerly Power Smart Express) require pre-approval from BC Hydro prior to the purchase and installation of products.

Incentives will only be confirmed once a project application has been submitted (Step 4).

Incentives for LED technologies, as of July 16, 2014

To better align with current market pricing, LED technology incentives will no longer be calculated at a flat rate. This applies to energy-saving leaders custom, commercial product incentives, and industrial lighting and compressed air projects submitted on or after July 16, 2014.

Commercial product incentives, effective June 2, 2014

Incentives are now open to all BC Hydro commercial business customers. Confirm your eligibility by entering your account number into the business program eligibility tool.

Program participants can continue to access their account to view their previous projects until March 31, 2015. Login to the product incentives tool.