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Program benefits

Continuous improvement approach

An integrated process allows organizations to adopt a continuous improvement approach to energy management and optimize their energy conservation measures. This system allows organizations to continually cycle through the process to ensure a lasting conservation culture.

How we can help

We offer a number of opportunities that address barriers to enable the implementation of energy-efficient projects.

Access to financial resources

Energy-saving opportunity identification fund – Funding to help businesses identify electrical energy-saving opportunities. This funding may be used towards hiring an energy manager, conducting a preliminary opportunity assessment, completing an electrical energy study or participating in an energy management assessment session.

Implementation fund – A tiered incentive structure that improves the payback of energy-efficiency projects and encourages the implementation of energy-saving technologies.

Demonstration project fund – Funding towards the cost of demonstration projects that create real-life examples and encourage companies to adopt leading-edge technologies or practices that save electricity.

Behavioural and operational initiatives – Support for social marketing concepts and operational processes that can maximize energy-saving opportunities, and ensure sustainable savings in the long run.

Education and information resources

Workshops and training – From energy basics to emerging technologies, BC Hydro works with industry partners to develop and coordinate courses and workshops to help partners gain additional insight.

Employee awareness toolkit – Information on workplace conservation awareness is available at no cost to partners to make it easy to create a successful energy awareness program in the workplace.

Energy efficiency information – BC Hydro will provide a range of information, via the web and other channels, to help identify, assess, communicate, and monitor energy efficiency.

Raise your company's profile

Recognition – Business' efforts toward energy conservation are promoted online; personalized plaques and letters are also awarded for project implementation.

Advertising – Leaders in energy management business names are listed in business publications and may be included in public relations activities around major projects or milestones.

Success stories and case studies – An organization may be chosen for a BC Hydro success story or case study, depending on the project completed or energy efficiency efforts made within that organization.

Leveraging the BC Hydro brand

BC Hydro is a highly recognized and valued brand. As a BC Hydro leader in energy management, organizations will be able to promote their energy-efficiency projects and use the BC Hydro logo. Businesses will receive the BC Hydro logo and guidelines, which can be used on external or internal communications related to energy-efficiency projects.

BC Hydro leader in energy management eligibility

An organization can become a BC Hydro leader in energy management if at least $50,000 annually is spent on electricity. To show their commitment to energy conservation, organizations are asked to sign the Conservation Pledge and renew their commitment every two years. Once designated as a BC Hydro leader in energy management, organizations can start enjoying the benefits of the various initiatives offered.