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Project implementation funding

Program update: Effective January 1, 2020, a new lighting legislation comes into effect impacting all incandescent lighting and small diameter halogen lamps. After the effective date, the program will no longer incent on LED MR16 or LED hardwired from incandescent technologies.

About Project Implementation funding

Project Implementation funding is available to commercial, government and institutional Key Account customers with a BC Hydro-funded Energy Manager. The funding is designed to help reduce the capital cost of implementing electrical energy efficiency projects.

Project Implementation allows customers to meet internal hurdle rates, such as payback periods and return on investment. Through the program, you could receive funding for up to 75% of the incremental cost of lighting projects.

Why implement energy efficiency projects

Energy-efficient projects make sense because they:

  • Improve the operation and maintenance of existing energy-using systems;
  • Modernize facilities with efficient equipment that will not only reduce operational costs, but increase employee and tenant comfort levels in the building;
  • Demonstrate your commitment to reducing energy consumption, both internally and to the public.