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Home energy monitors

Know how much electricity you're using, the moment you're using it

Home energy monitors (HEM) give you real-time information about your household's electricity use – in kilowatts, and dollars and cents.

You may already be tracking your historical electricity use online through your MyHydro account. With a home energy monitor, you can track your electricity use in real-time. This helps you understand how and when you're using electricity, as well as the associated costs – allowing you to take actions to reduce your usage and save.

Devices we support

There are select home energy monitor devices that we allow you to connect to your BC Hydro smart meter.

We currently support existing home energy monitor devices from Rainforest Automation, and new home energy monitor devices from our new service provider, HydroHome

The partnership with our new service provider will allow you to access expanded features to help you manage your home's energy use.

If you currently have a Rainforest device

If you have a Rainforest device, it will continue to provide real-time energy data use.

We're no longer connecting any new Rainforest devices to BC Hydro accounts or existing Rainforest devices to new BC Hydro accounts/moves.

HydroHome devices

We're currently accepting new connections of home energy monitors for the HydroHome service. See HydroHome service for more information about:

  • Devices and services available
  • Eligibility
  • How it works
  • How to get started

Learn about HydroHome