Home energy monitors

Know how much electricity you're using, when you're using it

Home energy monitors give you real-time information about your household's electricity use – in kilowatts, and dollars and cents.

You may already be tracking your electricity use online through your MyHydro account. With a home energy monitor, you can track the electricity you use in real time. This helps you understand how and when you're using electricity, as well as the associated costs – allowing you to take actions to reduce your usage and save.

Who can use a home energy monitor

To be eligible for a home energy monitor you must meet these minimum requirements:

  • Have an online MyHydro account with a linked profile.
  • Don't have a MyHydro account? Sign-up for one. All we need to provide is your name, email address, password and security question.
  • Live in a residential detached or semi-detached home; this includes most townhomes, rowhomes and mobile homes.
  • Have a connected smart meter with a strong network connection.

Get started

  1. Sign-in to your online MyHydro account.
  2. From your MyHydro account, hover over 'MyHydro' on the top grey menu bar and select 'Energy monitors'.
  3. Select the home energy monitor you'd like to purchase from Rainforest Automation and complete your order through their website.
  4. After completing your order, you'll then be directed back to your MyHydro account to register your device.
  5. We'll set-up your electricity meter to connect with the device you've selected. This may take a few days.
  6. Once complete, Rainforest Automation will finalize your purchase and ship your device. If the home energy monitor you've selected isn't compatible with your home, Rainforest Automation will cancel the order at no cost to you.

After you receive your monitor, simply follow the set-up instructions provided, and your monitor will automatically connect to the electricity meter at your home.

Current models available

The two current models are manufactured and sold by Rainforest Automation, a B.C.-based company.

Rainforest EMU-2™ energy monitoring unit

Rainforest EMU display

The EMU-2™ continuously monitors your electricity usage and displays this information, in both dollar cost and kilowatts, on an LCD screen. Information displayed includes the total electricity use for the billing period and the real-time electricity use.

Price: $84.99
Plus applicable taxes.

Rainforest EAGLE-200™ Energy Gateway

Rainforest Eagle 200™ Energy Gateway

The EAGLE-200 monitors your electricity usage in real-time, and connects to your home Ethernet or WiFi network. You can see your energy usage information on any web-enabled device, anywhere you have internet access.

Price: $119.99
Plus applicable taxes.


Ready to get started?

Start by logging into your MyHydro account and follow these instructions.