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Which EV is best? Cast your vote in @bchydro's #EVBattleRoyale

Title photo with Rivian and Tesla electric vehicles

EVs leading the charge

Driving an electric vehicle in B.C. is a smart choice, plus it's more practical than ever. And with high gas prices putting the brakes on gas-powered vehicles, there's never been a better time to consider an EV and cruise on clean energy.

Whether you're already behind the wheel of an EV or it’s something you're considering down the road, there are now dozens of electric vehicle options to choose from. You can also help drive down the purchase price with federal and provincial rebates of up to $8,000. With lots of different models available, we wanted to find which vehicle was leading the change.

We handpicked 32 electric vehicle contenders to showcase the range of options currently available in B.C. and after 1.1 million votes cast the Tesla Model S was declared the winner in our #EVBattleRoyale. 

Graphic of a Tesla Model S as the winner of the EV battle royale

Grand prize

Each weekly vote is a bonus entry for our grand prize draw, a chance to win an Apollo City electric scooter.

Weekly prizes

The road to winning starts here. Check out the weekly prizes up for grabs:

Contest rules

Bracket results

We handpicked 32 electric vehicle contenders to showcase the range of options currently available in B.C. Check the bracket below for how the competition played out. 

Image of the EV bracket results

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