GMS: What's happening

Image of GM Shrum dam

Five new turbines, and more

Updating GM Shrum Generating Station with new, efficient equipment will involve all ten generating units at the facility.

There are ten components to the upgrade of GMS, two of which have been completed:

  • A large power transformer from the project was supplied to the Peace Canyon Dam and Generating Station. It's being prepared as a serviceable spare for the facility.
  • The turbines in GMS units 1 to 5 are being replaced. The first is in operation and the second is being commissioned and is expected to be operating by the end of 2013. The final three units will be replaced in sequence. All turbines should be in operation by mid-2015.
  • Three replacement transformers, which increase the voltage at GMS for efficient transmission of electricity over long distances, are being installed.
  • Four GMS units are having rotors refurbished and getting new rotor poles. The first has been completed, and the remaining work is being coordinated with the turbine replacement.
  • The fire alarm system at GMS is being replaced over a two-year period.
  • New shear pins, safety devices used to counter stress and protect system components, are being installed in units 9 and 10.
  • Control systems for all units are being replaced, as are governor controls for units 6 to 10 and exciters for units 9 and 10. Controls for intake systems, plant auxiliary systems, remote operation, and plant control room are also being substituted.
  • Exciter transformers control the magnetic field in the generator system and controls the output voltage. A spare and a replacement exciter for unit 8 are being sourced.

Completed components:

  • The GMS station service system, which powers the plant controls, battery systems, fire systems, and all auxiliary systems for the plant’s generators, has been rehabilitated.
  • GMS units 6, 7, and 8 were refurbished to increase the capacity of the facility.