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BC Hydro's school programs

We're working with the Ministry of Education and other partners to make changes to our school programs that align them with the new approach of B.C.'s K to 12 education system.

This includes reviewing and revising our resources over this school year to align our materials with the themes and standards of the new curriculum in B.C. These resources are developed with the help of educators and curriculum specialists with a focus on hydroelectricity, conservation and electrical safety.

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School programs

Kindergarten Energy Explorers
Engaging, hands-on program materials to introduce energy conservation concepts to young learners.
Grades 1 to 3
Energy Detectives
Energy actions and electrical safety in schools, communities and homes.
Grades 4 to 7 Take Action
A campaign planning guide: is an inquiry-based guide to taking action in the school community.
Grade 6 Energy Connections (Grade 6)
Circuitry, electricity, conservation and safety.
Grades 8 to 12
Energy Ambassadors (Grades 8 to 12)
Energy awareness, action and leadership.
Grades 9 Energy Investigations (Grade 9)
Comprehensive hands-on circuitry kit and program materials linked to teaching grade 9 science.
Kindergarten to Grade 12 Community Champions Plan and deliver a sustainability project in the school community.