Beautification Fund programs

BC Hydro box wrapped

Assistance in converting facilities to underground, and decorative wraps for BC Hydro service kiosks

BC Hydro's Beautification Fund provides financial assistance to municipal governments for conversion of overhead to underground facilities, and for help with decorative wraps on existing BC Hydro service kiosks.

See our Beautification Fund brochure [PDF, 3.2 MB] for more information and to apply. Applications must be submitted by October 1 to be considered for the following year.

Decorative wrap installation

If you're interested in applying a decorative wrap to BC Hydro pad mounted equipment, please refer to the policy and installation guidelines below for more information. Please note that a signed wrap agreement is required before proceeding.

For additional information on this policy, please contact your local community relations manager [PDF, 123 KB].

If you would like us to see if a piece of BC Hydro equipment is eligible for a decorative wrap, please send us an email with photos.