Electricity Conservation

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As demand grows, conservation & efficiency is the best option

B.C.'s lowest cost resource option continues to be energy conservation and efficiency.

By helping customers be more efficient and use their power wisely, BC Hydro reduces the need for additional generation and helps customers lower their bills. British Columbians are now saving the equivalent amount of electricity to meet the annual needs of more than 440,000 homes.

The Clean Energy Act also raises the bar for BC Hydro’s reliance on demand-side measures. Demand-side management (DSM) is crucial for meeting the Act’s requirement to meet 66 per cent of all new power demand through conservation by 2020.

How Power Smart works

Power Smart, BC Hydro's demand side management (DSM) initiative, is a recognized leader in promoting conservation and efficiency.

Power Smart's programs are designed to increase the awareness of energy conservation and identify opportunities to reduce consumption. The programs also improve the availability of energy efficiency products and services, and provide capital incentives to motivate customers to invest in conservation and efficiency.

BC Hydro has a wide-ranging approach to DSM, involving retailers, distributors, service providers and manufacturers to maximize Power Smart’s reach, manage costs, and support the adoption of energy efficient products in B.C.

About the Energy Conservation and Efficiency Committee

BC Hydro established an Energy Conservation and Efficiency Committee (EC&E) in 2006 to provide ideas, input and advice on how to meet our long-term conservation goals.

The Committee includes stakeholders and First Nations from across the province.

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