Build energy efficient


Build to a higher standard with Power Smart

Set your development apart by building to a high standard in energy efficiency.

Power Smart new homes follow the internationally recognized ENERGY STAR® for New Home Standard, which is designed to recognize homes that, on average, are 20 per cent more efficient than homes built to Code.

As a Power Smart new home builder, you’ll set your development apart and be recognized as a leader in energy-efficient home construction while providing prospective homebuyers with a more comfortable and healthier place to live and the ongoing benefit of lower energy bills year after year.

Get incentives for building energy-efficient homes

We want to make it easier for builders to reach the Power Smart new home standard by offering financial incentives, including up to $2,000 for a single-family detached home that meets the ENERGY STAR for New Home Standard.

We'll also help with:

  • Connecting you with a certified energy advisor trained to provide assistance and advice throughout the building process.
  • Co-op marketing support and promotional recognition through BC Hydro Power Smart.
  • Education on residential new construction and the latest information on energy-efficient best practices.