Continuous optimization

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The Continuous Optimization (C.Op) program focuses on conservation measures related to improved operations in large commercial buildings, primarily focused on optimizing heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems by making improvements to the Building Automation System (BAS). See a list of common measures and paybacks.

Entry into Round 1 of the program has been finalized, and Round 2 has been initiated.

Round 1

Round 1 of C.Op was initiated in 2008 and accepted final applications in December 2016, ending up with a total of over 550 participating buildings. The Round 1 offer was comprised of two components:

  1. Recommissioning (RCx) consultants to identify potential conservation measures.
  2. An Energy Management Information System (EMIS) to quantify savings and provide feedback to the customer to facilitate ongoing energy management activities.

Round 2

Round 2 was initiated in April 2017 and provides a change in focus from Round 1, with two different offers; Standard Recommissioning, and Automated Recommissioning. Until further notice, these offers will only be available for buildings that have completed Round 1 and meet the Round 2 eligibility criteria. We will send an email inviting eligible buildings into the program at the appropriate time.

Funding, tools and support

Standard recommissioning

Standard Recommissioning is for customers who would like to re-assess their building performance after their Round 1 project is complete (5 years after the conservation measures were implemented). C.Op will provide funding to have an approved RCx consultant conduct a follow up assessment of the building.

Automated recommissioning

Automated Recommissioning (ARCx) is for customers who choose to be on the leading edge of innovation by incorporating the next generation of software being used to drive energy conservation in commercial building operations. This next round of technology development can be thought of as shifting from intelligence embodied in the recommissioning consultant's years of experience and expertise, to intelligence embodied in software tools. C.Op will provide funding for an approved RCx consultant to work with an ARCx software vendor to assess your building.

See a detailed description of the program offers [PDF, 397 KB].

The customer's role

In return for BC Hydro and Fortis BC's investment, customers must commit to implement, at their cost, electricity and fuel (including natural gas, steam, hot water, propane, etc.) measures that when bundled have a two-year simple payback.

Program resources

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